Press and News

Press and News

Interview on La aventura del saber

Mara Peterssen interviews José Mª Jayme and José Luis Martínez Soria, the organizers of ‘Rumbo Antártida,’ a formative project on entrepreneurship, social, and environmental issues for Spanish university students.

Interview on Julia en la Onda

According to Martínez-Soria, the aim of this initiative is to “stimulate socio-environmental entrepreneurship among university students” through a program centered around a journey to the cold continent of Antarctica. For the organizers, this trip to the Antarctic Peninsula would be “the most emotional moment” of the journey, though the project aims to generate synergies and encourage students to propose and develop environmentally related projects.

Agreement with the Royal Geographical Society

Signing of the collaboration agreement between the Royal Geographical Society, an institution with over a century of dedication to geographical research and dissemination, and Rumbo Antártida. This agreement, signed by the President of the RSG, Don Rafael Puyol Antolín, and Don José María Jayme, Director of Polar Raid, symbolizes a step forward in our common mission to preserve the planet by drawing inspiration from the last virgin corners of the planet: Antarctica.

Interview on "Mano a mano"

In “Mano a mano,” Carles Mesa talks with retired Infantry lieutenant colonel José María Jayme, who has participated in expeditions to the Andes, Himalayas, and Antarctica and organizes extreme trips with his agency Polar Raid. He has now launched the Rumbo Antártida project, which young university students can join.

Interview on Gente Viajera

Polar Raid is a travel company created in 2010, aiming to showcase the most fascinating regions of the planet. Its first journey started with a trip to Iceland, initially involving students from the UCM. Since then, the scenarios and the number of participants have expanded, organizing a “Polar Raid” to Lapland with 84 participants, including students, teachers, and enthusiasts of this form of adventure travel. They now also organize trips to Antarctica.