Training Program

In a constantly evolving world, conserving the planet and promoting its sustainability have become imperatives that transcend geographic and generational boundaries. The environmental challenges we face today demand active commitment from everyone, with university students playing an essential role in shaping a more promising future. In this context, our training program not only raises awareness about the importance of conserving the planet but also inspires students to become change agents through entrepreneurship.

The program offers a unique platform for learning and reflection. Over 60 hours of dynamic and interactive content, we will explore the interconnection between the planet’s health, its regeneration, and the transformative potential of entrepreneurship. We will address the most pressing environmental challenges of our time, from the impact of climate change on polar regions to biodiversity loss, and analyze how individual and collective actions can generate significant impact.

Our approach goes beyond raising awareness; it also fosters the spark of entrepreneurship as a driving force for change.

We recognize that young people are powerful catalysts of innovation and creativity, and we believe in their ability to conceive and execute tangible solutions. Throughout the program, we will explore success stories of circular and regenerative entrepreneurship, highlighting how students can design and implement projects that are not only environmentally viable but also economically sustainable

Collaboration, communication, and problem-solving will be fundamental pillars of this program. Through interactive workshops, group discussions, and practical projects, participants will cultivate leadership and critical thinking skills, enabling them to become effective change agents in their communities and beyond.

The expedition

Our goal is to integrate “Citizen Science” into our next Antarctic expedition. This innovative approach will allow our university students to actively participate in scientific research, becoming citizen scientists and directly contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

Our students will have the unique opportunity to collaborate in collecting crucial data, participating in activities such as sampling, censuses, and observations in the magnificent Antarctic environment. This experience will not only enrich their academic learning but also involve them directly in the scientific process, allowing them to apply and expand their knowledge in a real and challenging context.

The Citizen Science work on the expedition will focus on key areas such as the study of biodiversity, climate change monitoring, and the observation of unique natural phenomena in Antarctica. Students will learn to collect and analyze data, contributing to global scientific research and gaining a deeper understanding of the importance of environmental preservation.

Additionally, this initiative will foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between students and professional scientists, promoting a closer relationship between science and society. By participating in Citizen Science projects, our students will not only acquire valuable skills and practical experience but also actively contribute to building a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.

With this approach, Rumbo Antártida is committed not only to offering a unique educational experience but also to promoting social responsibility and commitment to the conservation of our planet. We invite our students to be part of this exciting Citizen Science adventure, where their participation will make a significant difference in the world of research and environmental conservation.

Additionally, we will visit Tierra del Fuego National Park, navigate the Beagle Channel, watch whales, visit penguin colonies, seals, sea lions, visit the Spanish Base Gabriel de Castilla, and dreamlike places like Paradise Bay.