Proposal to Universities

Rumbo Antártida proposes that any Spanish university, whether public or private, can participate in this project by sponsoring one or more students at the undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral levels through a selection process deemed appropriate by the university.

Ideally, each university will select at least two students (one woman and one man). However, if a university wishes to select only one student, that is also possible. Additionally, it is feasible to select more than two students, up to a maximum of four.

The selection procedure and its announcement will be chosen by each university, always with the approval of the Rumbo Antártida organization. Nonetheless, some minimum criteria must be considered in every selection process:

  • Students must not have completed their studies or should have finished them during the 24/25 academic year.
  • Submission of a preliminary project related to the goals of Rumbo Antártida and a letter of motivation.

If a selected student is ultimately unable to attend, the university can reassign the scholarship to another student who has participated in the selection process.

Scholarship Program

Participation in the university expedition is only possible through a university. Universities wishing to be part of the project must ensure the participation of at least one student and a maximum of four students.

Rumbo Antártida reserves an additional slot for each university that participates in the project.

Universities interested in participating in the project should contact via email at